Our Services

Our mission

Our mission is to promote safe driving on the roads of the garden city Bangalore. By keeping this mission in our minds, we are providing the best driving training in the garden city Bangalore. Our experienced and friendly staff at the Venkateshwara Group Of Driving Schools is exclusively dedicated for our students in order to provide them the best driving training. Our well professional staff will always ensure to give you the best driving lessons. On top of that, we are also helping our students with regards to any RTO assistance. Customer satisfaction is being our main motto over the period of last 9 years.


Learn Driving

We are listed among the top Driving Training Institutes and Motor Driving Schools in Bangalore, Karnataka. We offer Motor Driving Training to people, who want to learn proper Motor Driving Skills at both theoretical as well as practical levels. We train our clients in not only basic driving skills such as Driving Direction, International Driving Directions And Driving Laws, but also in correct driving posture, use of clutch, brakes and accelerator, ideal speed limit build up and even in basic maintenance and servicing options. Offered by trained and qualified Driving Instructors, we have been able to offer credible Training Services to clients. We also conduct special training sessions for ladies drivers and have earned the tag of being the best Women Driving School in Bangalore. Today, we have emerged as one of the prime Driving Training Institute based in Bangalore, Karnataka.


Topics that we cover in 11 hours in 11 days(1 hour per day) as part of our Motor Driving Training:

    • DAY 1 -

      a. Use of All Traffic Signs
      b. Minor mechanism will be shown in practical
    • DAY 2 -

      a. Moving Of Vehicle
      b. Steering Controlling

      DAY 3 -

    • a. Use of Break
      b. Use of Clutch & Accelerator

      DAY 4 -

    • a. Safety Observations
      b. Changes of Gears 1 and 2
    • DAY 5 -

      a. Changes of Gears 3 and 4
      b. Changes of Lower Gear to Higher Gear - Higher Gear to Lower Gear
    • DAY 6 -

      a. Lane Discipline
      b.Safe Distance

      DAY 7 -

    • a. Straight Reverse
      b. Left Reverse Parking

      DAY 8 -

    • a. Reverse to Left & Right
      b. Parallel Parking with Cones
    • DAY 9 -

      a. All Left & Right Turns Training
      b. Cross Roads & Safe Over Taking
    • DAY 10 -

      a. All ‘U’ Turns Practicing
      b. Stopping Downhill & Moving Front

      DAY 11 -

    • a. Stopping Uphill & Moving Front
      b. Test Drive

Driving License

Getting a Driving License can be a very challenging job with all the legal documentation and paper work, which is involved in it. However, you need not worry as Janani Motor Driving Training School comes to your aid. Offering credible services for getting both Provisional Driving License Paper Driving License, we have been able to cater to any and every need of our clients related to Driving License. Moreover, we also help corporate and business clients in getting a Driving License International, which is valid throughout the world. Clients have been very pleased with our Driving License Online Service, through which, online applications can be made to avail driving license. Moreover, we offer comprehensive Driving License Consultancy and Assistance to get different types of Driving License, be it for LMV Driving License, HMV Driving License or any other.

  • LMV Driving License
  • Motor Cycle Driving License
  • Heavy Transport Vehicle License
  • Heavy Passenger Vehicle License
  • LMV Badge
  • LMV Goods Carrier
  • Auto Rickshaw Badge
  • International Driving License (IDP)

Available Cars

Being one of the most prominent Motor Driving Schools in Bangalore, we have developed large fleet of Vehicles and Training Cars for Motor Driving. These cars are specially modified to cater to meet specific requirements of Motor Driving Training. Our Driving Training Cars are modified and help people in learning driving in a safe and secure manner. Clients can choose the car type and model they want to learn driving on and then they are trained in that particular model of Drive Training Car. We keep our Motor Driving Training Cars in upto date condition through regular maintenance and servicing and thereby guarantee smooth and safe drive for our clients.

List of Vehicals Available

  • Maruti Swift
  • Maruti Alto
  • Maruti 800
  • Maruti Esteem
  • Maruti Omni
  • Maruti WagonR
  • Maruti Ritz
  • Hyundai Santro
  • Hyundai I10
  • Tata Indica
  • Tata Sumo
  • Ford Ikon
  • Vehicle Insurance

    The rising incidents of Car Accidents and Road Rage have made Car Insurance a compulsory thing for any one owing a car. However, getting your Motorcar Insurance is a challenging job as it requires lot of documentation and paperwork. We take care of these requirements by offering credible Insurance Services for Cars. In associating with leading government approved and private insurance agencies, we offer best Car Insurance Policies that in case of an accident can take care of the expenses incurred. We are able to offer variety of insurance options to our client and ensure complete coverage of Accident Expenses be it on medical front or on the front of damage to the car. Clients have also been very pleased with our Insurance Service, as we also offer credible after sales services to our esteemed clients in getting claims and renewing the Insurance Contracts.

    Types of Insurance

    • Light Motor Vehicle Insurance
    • Motor Cycle Insurance
    • Heavy Transport Vehicle Insurance
    • Heavy Passenger Transport Vehicle Insurance
    • Auto Rickshaw Insurance

    Driving Simulator

    A Simulator is a machine which is designed to provide a realistic imitation of the controls and operation of a vehicle. Therefore in order to make car driving easy for our students, we are offering a car simulator to our students so that they can get the actual sense of driving a car. This is not only a safe way to teach driving but students can learn easily without any sense of fear. A car simulator can not only help you in learning driving without any risk but it will also help you to learn how to drive the vehicle in different conditions such as driving in rain, driving in snow, driving in fog, driving in high and low traffic, driving on highway etc.

    Benefits of Driving Simulator

    • Train in a safe environment with no stress.
    • Practice in Risk free environment.
    • Improve driving skills and decision making while driving a car.
    • Excellently developed software effectively teachs the required behaviour on road.
    "Simulator charges are 250 per hour applicable from 2nd class."